Jun 30

Chesty Flex: Stream in 2-3 Hours

Still havent gotten all the way around to it.Still working on youtube, thrift shop flipping and a few other things.Thats right I have hobbies. Thrift Shop Flipping or to keep it simple Flipping is the act of buying something then reselling it at a higher price. One mans trash is another mans treasure.Spent a little over 100$ but its looking to pay off, a good amount of Records, Books but some more interesting things. Never tried selling Lots of books and records before so this is a first.Asides from that I’m looking to profit pretty easily on some good golf picks I found. an entirely new set of High Performance gold balls, good amount of putts, some single boxes of new golf balls and a bunch of decently kept used ones.

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Jun 28

Douglas Safados: Return

Hello friends.After a great weekend tranmitiendo with my friends Christian, Derek and my buddy Evan, return to my profile as a solo artist, I thank all those who supported us in the show of the weekend where I had the opportunity to show them another facet mine which was a great challenge for my which gave good results and I learned from my great friends which have more experience that I, I enriched information and tips for my shows and what I am happy is that people who saw our broadcast liked much. I will have many more surprises for you from now on. And I hope that they continue to be part of my process as a model. God bless you and hope to see you starting today again in my profile as a solo artist. kisses. Douglas

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Jun 27

Flavio Garay: See You Tomorrow!

Hello, Guys!Unfortunately, I Will not be broadcasting today Tuesday June 27th. I have a business meeting I must attend to discuss who is coming with me to Mexico City to meet our business partners there. That meeting may take long and I may be arriving home so late, so I deleted the shift I wrote for today.I will be here tomorrow Wednesday at 9 am EST. Hope to meet you!XoxoFG

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